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PCrepair2000 offer its services to a wide coverage area and Harrow Business IT Support is part of our services for the Harrow area which provide support to all small businesses. Our services extend to most postcode areas within the Harrow area including; HA0, HA1, HA2, HA3, HA4, HA5, HA6, HA7, HA8 and HA9. We support the following towns in Harrow; Pinner, Harrow Weald, Harrow on the Hill, Wealdstone, North harrow, South Harrow, Stanmore, Edgware, Kenton and surrounding areas.

We provide Low-Cost IT services to all local small businesses in Harrow from as little as £50 inc and our support covers both hardware and software. We are Microsoft Certified and have acquired other accreditations in IT service and maintenance. With many years of experience you can be assured of excellent service and fast response.

If you are searching for a local IT Technical Support computer service near you then Harrow Business IT Support can help you by offering a competitve reliable servic by on-site visits and include no callout charge. You can book a callout service via our website and we aim to respond to you promptly.

1. Microsoft Windows Servers:

We offer a wide range of computer server repair services covering all brands.  Harrow IT Services can setup and service your Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016. Our computer service can also support your business peer-to-peer network or upgrade it to a domain network which is more efficient and more centralised. We can setup user group, user access, printer sharing, emails and internet access.

dell windows server support

Data Backup and Recovery can also be setup to safeguard your business information. We can setup server backup and install NAS backup devices to store all data and automate a daily backup. We can perform server upgrade and migration to a newer version of Microsoft Server. Our IT Service in Harrow can install security devices like firewall and routers and connect it to your network and provide internet access.

If your Server computer require upgrade or hardware repair we can attend this requirement too. Harrow Business IT Support maintains all major brands including; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer and many other known PC and laptop brands. We offer components diagnosis and replacement, plus upgrades where necessary. If your servers are running slow it may benefit from our memory upgrade service. Harrow Computer Service can also provide a replacement SSD drive can add a lot of performance gain to your computer. Our IT Services are very competitively priced and we operate a no callout charge policy.

2. Client Workstation Computers:

At the heart of our Harrow Business IT Support is the support of Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes all versions of the windows operating system for client computers and we support all installation and repair aspects including; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Harrow Business IT Support can provide you with dual operating system installation and setup to allow the flexibility of running two different operating systems on the same computer or laptop. Other software support is also provided by our computer service which include general software troubleshooting and installations of antivirus software, office, photo and video utilities.
pc repair and upgrade service
Need to upgrade your Microsoft Windows operating system!
Harrow Business IT Support engineers are Microsoft certified, and we can upgrade your existing version of Microsoft Windows without losing your precious data. Our upgrade prices are very competitive and our work is fully guaranteed.

Harrow Business IT Service also offer laptop repairs and servicing. This service includes; screen replacement, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, keyboard and touchpad repair and Microsoft Windows install and repair. We also provide regular maintenance and hardware upgrades to improve performance.

Harrow Computer Service also offer regular maintenance by performing full system scan as part of health check service. This service is to ensure that your laptop or PC is secure and operating efficiently. Your important files can be saved with our data backup and recovery service. Harrow Laptop Repair recommends making regular backup for your important data.

3. Network Printers:

Harrow Computer Service offers printers service support for wide range of printers covering most major brands including; Dell, HP, Brother, Samsung, Canon and many others. If you have printing problems our IT Services can diagnose the cause and provide a suitable remedy.

business network printers

Most printing problems are related to networking issues. Harrow Business IT Support offers printer repair service and can rectify the problem by checking the printer driver software and printer server setup. Print sharing can be organised to streamline your business process and improve efficiency. Our Business IT Support team will check your Windows Server for the correct setup of your printers to ensure the correct functionality.

Is your printer having a print quality issues?
Harrow IT Support can test your printers and identify the parts that require replacements. We also offer regular maintenance by cleaning internal parts to prolong the printer correct functionality. Our IT Support Service can also advise you on printer selection that is suitable for your needs.

4. Website and Emails:

Websites and Emails plays an important role in the running of all businesses. If your business have a website but you are experiencing problems, we can help you fix these issues. Harrow Business IT Service understands the importance of having a good functioning website. Our IT Support team in Harrow can also help you with fixing email problems or setting up new emails.

Does your business require a new website?
We offer Web Design service for small businesses. Websites can provide essential information about your business products and services and help you generate more reveues. Business emails support is also on offer to help maintain your business commmunication. Our prices are very competitive and we can provide you with the relevant after sale support.

Do you want to rank your website higher on Google and Bing Serach engines?
Harrow SEO Service offers Search Engine Optimisation to improve your business website ranking on serach engines. Unlike other service providers, our charges are modest, and the result are very tangible. It is no longer sufficient to have website only in a very competitive environment. Websites need to be enhanced and optimised to perform better than your competitiors and succeed.


5. Wireless Networking:

All businesses rely on a network of computers linked together in a centralised manner. Harrow IT Support understands the significance of a good network setup for a better efficiency. As well as wired networking, Harrow Computer Service can also setup your devices to connect wirelessly to your network. This will give your users greater flexibility and easier working environment.

internet router security

Secure your network with a Firewall/Router device!
We can setup or upgrade your router device to secure your network access through the internet. Most of the basic routers provided by ISP are inadequate and we can assist you to upgrade your security hardware for a better protection. If you have a good security device in place we can update its configuration to check its correct functionality.

Do you need remote access to your office?
We can also setup remote connection to allow access to business files when working from home or away from the office. Harrow Business IT Support service can help you setup a secure wireless connection and prevent hackers from accessing your valuable data.

Does some of your PCs or laptop devices have slow internet or wireless connection?
If your computers are running slow when connecting to the internet, our computer service can test your devices wireless connection speed and where necessary upgrade to a faster link. By installing simple adapters your laptop or PC can have a much faster wireless link hence improving internet and file transfer speeds. This is very cost-effective way of upgrading your network performance.