Hardware Upgrade:

Low-cost  repair from £50 inc.
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Computer upgrade service is necessary to improve the speed and performance of your desktop computer or laptop. We perform computer upgrades in your home where possible. For major components like system motherboard or hard disk replacement we may have to perform the upgrade in our workshop.

Computer operating systems can be also upgraded for better features and functionality. Support is offered to standard desktop computers and laptops. Our services also covers Apple Mac computers such as iMac and MacBook, Google ChromeBook , Microsoft Surface laptops and custom computers.

We offer Microsoft windows upgrade service to the latest Windows 10 operating system. All computer upgrades are fully guaranteed and we aim to complete the upgrade within 2 days subject to parts availability.

If your computer or laptop is experiencing problems we offer hardware diagnosis service. This is a cost cutting service to identify faulty components. All of our computer hardware upgrades are provided on-site by home visits callout. Most repairs comes with no callout charge. Our services benefit from clear low cost computer repair pricing with no hidden extras.
pc hardware upgrade serviceWe offer our computer upgrade service to extensive postcode areas and many cities within several counties. For full details please see our Service Areas.

Health Check:

PC or laptop Health check refer to annual or regular maintenance check performed to check functionality and performance of your computer. It enable us to establish if there are issues or problems emerging that needs fixing as soon as possible.

The health check service is especially useful if you need your PC computer or laptop for your work or personal use and have personal data or business related files. During the health check process your laptop or PC is scanned for viruses or threats and also cleaned form unnecessary temporary files. Also, any software that has been added automatically and no longer required will be removed.
The end result will be a faster running laptop or computer, more secure and has more storage space remaining. This regular maintenance routine is highly effective and recommended by us as it only costs our basic charge of £50 inc. Please contact us to book a home call for your computer health check.

hardware diagnosis service

Our health check service is provided on-site by home visits callout. Our services benefit from clear low cost computer repair pricing with no hidden extras.