Our terms and conditions are set in order to protect you, the consumer, in case of disagreements on service quality. Please review these terms before requesting a service. The terms are set in a simple and easy to understand points as detailed below:

  1. Cost of your visit: Your home visit service will cost from £50 inc which covers one basic service such as installing printers and peripherals, fixing Wi-Fi problems and some software problems, and the customer is located locally close to our base. Additional charges may apply depending on your location, or if you require additional services. We will endeavor to provide with an approximate quotation for the required repair if possible. However, if we are unable to give you a quote then an hourly rate of £70 will apply. Please see our Prices and Promotions pages.
  2. Appointments: We will provide you with a one/two hour slot appointment either by a phone call or via a text message. Our engineer arrival will be within the allocated slot time. Please allow additional 1 hour time for our work in your home. This means you should ensure your availability for at least 2/3 hours from the start of your appointment slot.
  3. Cancelled appointments: Cancelling an appointment must be done with a minimum notice of 3 hours from the start of your appointment slot time. Cancellation within less than 3 hours but before the start of your appointment attracts a callout charge of £30. Please pay the charges using our payments page.
  4. Missed appointments or failure to cancel an appointment before the start of your appointment time incurs a callout charge of £50
  5. Cancelled Orders: If we have ordered some spare parts for your repair and later you changed your mind an administration charge of £50 is payable through our website.
  6. Courtesy Laptop/PC: We offer a loan of a Laptop or PC while your computer is being repaired. This service is free of charge if you spend a minimum of £100. Alternatively, for one payment of £20 we can provide you with a courtesy Laptop/PC. This service is subject to availability and our terms and conditions.
  7. Service Area: includes most locations that are within approximately 50 miles from our base in Harrow. Some places are excluded from our coverage which include Central London, South London, East London and certain post code areas within our service area. Please see Service Areas page for more details.
  8. Callout Charge: No callout charge applies to all areas which are within 15 miles of our base in Harrow and must be within less than 30 minutes driving time from our base. Otherwise, a callout charge of £30 will be included in our service cost quotation. Please note that distance calculation is based on fastest driving time route. Also, if we have to make a return visit a collect and return charge, of £20, listed below, will apply. In all cases, you will pay no more than the quoted and agreed price.
  9. Collect and Return: There is a charge of £20 to cover our additional return visit and this will be included in our service cost quotation. However, you will pay no more than the quoted and agreed price.
  10. Diagnosis Fee is applicable when there is a hardware fault and we perform testing to identify the faulty part. The charge for this service starts from £50 depending on the fault and device type. This charge is payable even if we cannot repair the fault due to part availability issue or disagreement on total repair cost.
  11. Local Service refers to home visits as we do not have a shop and operated a mobile service. However, for some postcode areas additional charges may be added to cover our travel cost and this will be added to the service cost your quoted.
  12. No Fix No Fee is limited to certain software repairs where you were advised in advance that there will be no charge in case of no repair is possible. For hardware faults a diagnosis fee from £50 is applicable even if no repair is possible. We will identify the faulty part and you have the choice to continue with the repair with us for an extra fee or do the repair elsewhere.
  13. Workshop repair: If we are unable to complete the service in your place because; the repair is likely to take longer than one hour or special tools or parts are required, then the repair will be completed in our workshop. In this case you must allow us to take your PC/laptop to our workshop to complete the repair and if you refuse you will be liable for the callout charge payment of £3o to cover our cost.
  14. Replacement Parts: When your device requires a replacement part we may use a non-original or replacement type part. This means its specifications and/or quality may not match your original part. Furthermore, we may use reconditioned parts to reduce the repair cost. However, it will be fully operational and offered with our standard service warranty.
  15. Warranty:  We offer warranty for installed components and refurbished computers as set out below. However please note that your warranty will be void if you remove the screws of your computer or laptop to have a look inside or attempt a repair yourself.
    New Hardware Parts: 6 months warranty on service parts, excluding labour cost, and damages or misuse.
    Refurbished Parts: 3 months warranty on parts only. If replacement is required within warranty period the hardware part will be provided free of charge but installation/software/Delivery cost is chargeable.
    Refurbished Computers: 3 months warranty on parts only. If replacement is required within warranty period the hardware part will be provided free of charge but installation/software/Delivery cost is chargeable.
    Software Faults: Due the volatile nature of Software, we only offer 7 days warranty.
    Recurring Faults: Some Problems can re-occur randomly after repair due to either hardware    issues or automatic system updates. In this instance, if the repaired fault re-occur within 1 week of the repair we may elect to give you a free visit to correct the problem again. If the problem re-occur again a further visit will incur further charges.
  16. Repair Time: We endeavor to complete the repair in your place where possible. However, if we have to take your PC away for repair we will complete the repair within a fast turnaround of 24/48 hours. If spare parts are required to complete the repair then because we have to order these parts by post the repair process is likely to take between 3-7 days to complete. During this time, you may qualify for a free loan of a courtesy laptop while your computer is being repaired.
  17. Parking Facilities: Please advise us in advance of any difficulties in parking near your premises. We may arrange to visit you during a time where parking restrictions dose not apply.
  18. Data recovery attracts a minimum charge of £50 inc. If the recovery process is successful further charge is applicable. Please be advised that due to the nature of the recovery process if data are not recoverable, or further deterioration to your hardware or data has occurred during the recovery process, we shall not be held liable for such event.
  19. Data Backup: It is highly recommended to backup your data before submitting your computer for service. If your computer is not operational we will endeavour to backup your data if required providing there are no hardware failure that prevents the backup operation. Therefore you should be aware that we shall accept no responsibility for any loss of data during service provision.
  20. Data privacy: Your privacy is very important to us, we will not gain access to your system, passwords or private files during service provision without a strict permission from you. Your contact details may be stored in our system securely for future reference. This information will not be shared with any third party. Please inform us if you wish your data to be removed. Computer cookies may be collected during your visit to our website and will be purely used to improve our website performance and enhance users experience, please refer to our privacy policy for full details.
  21. Online payments processing is undertaken by a third party hence we do not hold any of your financial details on our website.
  22. Promotional offers only apply to labour cost and cannot be combined with another offer.
  23. Phone Calls may be recorded for training and reference purposes.
  24. Advertising: Please be aware that our website incorporates advertising banners which are managed by Google and therefore we have no control over it. If you click on any of these adverts you will be diverted to a third party website which has no affiliation with us.
  25. Google/Trustpilot Reviews rating shown in our website is correct at the time of setting these conditions and may change as it is regularly updated.