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    gaming laptop repair
    Gaming Laptop Upgrades


    gaming pc repair
    Gaming Computers Upgrades

    Computer SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Service:

    We offer a wide range of computer services and as a specialist service we offer SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Service and PC diagnosis service. We also offer Gaming Computers Building and assembly if you can provide the required parts. Our SSD upgrade repair service supports all types of computers including branded and custom made PCs.

    Types Of SSD hard Drives:

    There are 3 different types of Solid State Disks (SSD) based on the interface type that is used

    ssd m.2 nvme hard drives types

                                                                             Types of SSD Drives

    1. SATA Interface:
    This is the interface that is used by the standard older mechanical hard drives HDD. The SATA III specifications supports a maximum transfer rate of 600 MB/S. However, due to the limitations of the mechanical design of HDD drives its performance is usually peaked at around 150 MB/s, hence not taking full advantage of the available maximum speeds in the SATA interface. This limitation is the main responsible factor for slow performances of computers using these type of disks. The first generation of SSD disks were released to take advantage of this interface maximum speed hence giving computers and laptops and significant improvements in speeds and loading times.

    2. M.2. SATA Interface:
    This interface uses two different types of specifications; SATA and NVME PCIE. The earlier types of M.2 drives used the slower SATA spec. of SSD drives were made using the M.2 interface with SATA speeds at 600 MB/S maximum speeds

    3. M.2 NVME PCIE Interface:
    This interface uses the PCIE express bus with lightening data speed transfer. The earlier generation was the PCIE 3.0 with data transfer up to 3500 MB/S. However, recent improvements in PCIE bus speeds PCIE 4.0 and PCIE 5.0 with bus speed exceeding 7000 MB/s. These higher speeds are ideal for data intensive applications such gaming or graphics and animation applications. The extra speed in NVME SSD drives have inevitably resulted in excessive heats requiring cooling pads and metal heat sinks. We will take into consideration these extra cooling requirements when we install your SSD drive.

    Major Brands Support

    We offer service and maintenance to all major brands including; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer, Sony, PCspecialist, MSi, Alienware, Legion, Asus, Gigabyte, Overclockers and many others. We can diagnose faulty components and offer replacement parts or computer upgrades where necessary. If you have a slow PC it will benefit from our SSD hard disk upgrade service. A replacement SSD drive service can add a lot of performance gain to your computer.


    pc repair and upgrade service

    Slow Computer Fix

    We can upgrade your slow desktop computer with SSD drives to improve its performance. Basic and older type computers are usually supplied with mechanical hard drives HDD which are relatively slow averaging data transfer speeds between 50-150 MB/S. In comparison, Solid State Disks (SSD) are significantly faster than HDD drives giving vast improvement for you slow computer. We can repair your slow computer with the cost effective SSD upgrade service since it saves you from having to buy a new PC. Furthermore, this upgrade service maintains your personal data and installed software negating the need to reinstall and transfer your data into a new PC. If your PC already have SSD drive we will diagnose the cause and advise if further upgrade is necessary or just a the usual annual service may be sufficient.

    SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Cost

    We provide a cost effective SSD hard drive upgrade service, and you can review our services price list. For exact quotation please contact us or request a service from our website providing your computer details.

    However, it is important to consider the following when you get an SSD drive upgrade price quotation:

    1. The Brand of SSD drive is important in terms of reliability and performance. We only use reputable brands such as; Samsung, Micron, Crucial, Sandisk, etc. We have very low failure rate for the drives that we install in our customer’s computers.
    2. The type of SSD drive; SATA 2.5″ SSD drives are suitable for older computers and laptops. On newer more modern PCs install faster SSD m.2 drives.
    3. On the faster drives, M.2 types, we may use heat sink coolers to reduce the chance of overheating that may cause premature SSD drive failure.
    4. We offer 6 months Hardware warranty with the installed SSD drive.

    Operating System Upgrade

    Our engineers are Microsoft certified, and we can upgrade your existing version of Microsoft Windows to the latest OS including Windows 11 without losing your precious data. If you are upgrading your hard drive then it will be a good time to consider upgrading your operating system to Windows 11 if required. The upgrade process can be done either from a fresh install followed by your data backup restore or in-place upgrade by keeping your data and software intact. Either way, with SATA SSD or M.2 hard drive upgrade there is a marked improvement in performance.

    Data Transfer and Backup

    When upgrading your computer with Solid State Disk (SSD) drive there are three different options available:
    1. Complete fresh re-install: of operating system which can be either Windows 10 or Windows 11 followed by your data data restore.
    2. In-Place system upgrade: This option allows you to keep your data and application software intact while performing an operating system upgrade.
    3. System Image Backup: If you do not wish to upgrade your computer to a newer system, we can install SSD drive and copy all the data from your old HDD. This is usually carried out by using a special data backup software using a disk cloning option.


    Memory Upgrade

    Your computer performance can be enhanced further bu increasing the amount of system memory. The RAM (Random Access Memory) is responsible for loading running applications and operating systems into its allocated memory while your PC is switched on. This upgrade is relatively inexpensive and can contribute to noticeable gain in your computer performance and speed of operation.

    pc repair local service

    All in One (AIO) computer repair

    Our Computer Services provides support to All-in-one computers of all brands. If your AIO PC is not booting or require hardware upgrade then we can offer you our service in your home or business place. IT Support is also offered via diagnosis prior to repair to check if the cost of the repair is feasible.

    Slow Apple iMac Computers SSD Upgrade:

    Apple Mac desktop computers (iMac) can run extremely slow after upgrading to newer MacOS systems. This is because the earlier generations of iMac computers have mechanical discs installed and hence can run very slowly after system updates. The solution is simple, install SSD drive and you can see very good improvement in the Apple iMac speed. This is an involved process since the SSD upgrade service of iMac computers involves removing a heavily glued screen. We have many years of experience in upgrading Apple Mac Computers successfully.

    Custom-Built Gaming Computers Support

    We support custom-built gaming computers and gaming PCs. We can assist you to improve your computer performance for gaming by installing a superior SSD M.2 storage devices and other upgrades.

    Local Computer Repair Service

    Looking for a cheap local computer repair near you without compromise on quality?
    Are you searching for computer repair near me! or laptop repair near me!
    Our PC Repairs service is based on home calls and offer a very competitive service with affordable low-cost prices, see our prices page. We are your local PC repair near you and our PC repairs service extends to many postcode areas and include locations within smaller towns and villages. Our services are provided by home visits and you can book a callout service via our website or send us a text message quoting your device model number and your postcode and we aim to respond to you promptly.

    Business Support

    If you have a small business our computer services can provide you with IT support, installation and setup of Windows Server operating system, please see our Business IT Support section. IT Support Services also offer email, storage and website setup service . You can book online appointment for your next required service.

    Laptop SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Service:

    We offer laptop SSD hard drive upgrades and servicing by home visits within our coverage postcode areas and locations. Other services include; Microsoft Windows installation and repair, Notebook repairs, Netbook maintenance, custom laptops service, Overheating repair, liquid damaged laptops, laptop broken hinges replacement, laptop screen repairs, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, laptop keyboard repair or replacement, touchpad repair and other services.

    Laptop SSD upgrades is required when you notice that the performance of your laptop is gradually declining. This is usually caused by increased demands the installed mechanical hard disk drive due to multiplying data size. If your laptop has an NVME PCIE M.2 interface then it preferable due to its faster interface compared to the standard SATA interface. However, for older laptops that only supports SATA interface, it is still a big advantage to upgrade to SSD drives as its speed adavatage is in the order of 5-10 times when compared to the standard hard drive.

    Health Check Service

    Our IT Services can perform a full system scan as part of health check service to ensure that your laptop is secure. Your important files can be saved with our data backup and recovery service. Our Laptop Support service recommends making regular backup for your important data.

    Gaming Laptops Upgrade

    Laptop upgrade service is available if you want to improve performance and includes; SSD hard drive upgrade, memory upgrade and other components. Upgrade service will improve performance of your laptop and save you money on buying a replacement laptop. We can also upgrade your operating system to Windows 11 to benefit from the latest features and enhancements.

    laptop repair near you
    Slow Laptop Fix!

    We can fix your slow laptop with SSD drive upgrade. Your slow laptop can benefit for vast improvement in speed when upgraded with ssd drives. We use quality brands such as Samsung, Micron, Crucial, Western Digital, Sandisk, and other brands. Your hard drive is usually the bottleneck in performance so it is important to be upgraded as a priority. A slow laptop can also be caused by other software or hardware issues which we can assist you with. We can also perform a full hardware diagnosis of your laptop and advice you accordingly.

    Slow MacBook SSD Upgrade Service:

    If your MacBook laptop is running slow then it could be due to having a slow hard disk drive. This could be either because the MacBook has a mechanical disk HDD or an earlier version SSD drives that run at lower SATA speeds. Either way we can assist you with an upgrade y=to improve the speed of your MacBook and save you money on buying a replacement laptop.

    Broken laptop LCD Screen!

    Our Laptop Services can repair broken, cracked and damaged laptop display screens. We maintain all types of screens; Laptop LCD screens, Laptop Led screens, Laptop Touchscreens. To reduce cost we can replace the touch part only of your laptop (digitizer/digitiser repair). Please provide your laptop model number when you request a service online so that we can provide you with accurate repair cost quotation.

    laptop Overheating Repair

    A loud fan can be an indication of overheating. This is usually caused by built-up internal dust that is blocking the heat vents. Our Laptop Repair will rectify this problem for you by cleaning the internal parts of your laptop to restore its quiet and cool operation. We can also apply a freash layer of thermal paste to improve heat transfer and hence produce and a better cooling. A well cooled laptop can perform much better as it can operate at maximum CPU power.

    Custom Gaming laptops Support!

    If you have a custom made gaming laptop then we can assist you to upgrade SSD hard drive to improve performance and FPS. We can diagnose many faults with custom games laptops and advice you with the best possible solutions. You can provide your own parts if required for either repair or upgrades and this will save you money towards the overall cost of the service.

    You don’t need a computer shop, we come to you!

    If you need a local laptop service near you we will come to you and save you all the hassles. We offer local laptop repair near you and you can book online appointment for your next home call service or you can send a text message quoting your device model number and your post code and we aim to provide same day service to fix your laptop or PC if possible.

    Service Area:

    We provide games PC repair in the following Locations:

    Major Locations: [75]

    Amersham, Ascot, Aylesbury, Barnet, Beaconsfield, Bedford, Bishops Stortford, Borehamwood, Bourne End, Bracknell, Bray, Brent, Brentwood, Broxbourne, Bushey, Chelmsford, Chesham, Cheshunt, Chiswick, Cobham, Cookham, Dunstable, Ealing, Edgware, Enfield, Fulham, GuildfordHammersmith, Haringey, Harlow, Harpenden, Harrow, Hatfield, Hayes, Hemel-Hempstead, Henley, Hertford, High Wycombe, Hillingdon, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Hounslow, Kingston, Leatherhead, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth Garden City, London, Luton, Maidenhead, Marlow, Milton Keynes, Northwood, Oxford, Pinner, Potters Bar, Reading, Richmond, Rickmansworth, Ruislip, Slough, Southall, St-Albans, Stanmore, Stevenage, Twickenham, Virginia Water, Watford, Welwyn Garden City, Wembley, Weybridge, Windsor, Woking, Wokingham, Uxbridge.