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PCrepair2000 provides computer and laptop repair services by home visits plus sale of refurbished computers and refurbished laptops. We offer our services to a wide coverage area and St Albans Computer Repair is part of our service in the area. Situated within the county of Hertfordshire, St Albans has a population of around 140000. Many large town fall within its boundary including Hatfield, Welwyn, Harpenden and covered by the postcodes: AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4, AL5, AL6, AL7, AL8, AL9, AL10 and we are happy to serve our customers in these areas.

Computer Repairs:

We offer a wide range of services including; PC repairs, laptop repair, Linux PC service, Apple Mac repairs, PC health check, computer upgrade, laptop upgrade, virus and spyware removal, data backup, data recovery, Microsoft Windows installation repair and upgrade, printers and peripherals setup. St Albans Computer Repair supports all aspects of hardware and software repair and installation for both laptops and desktop PC computers.

We support computer hardware from all major brands including; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer and many other known PC and laptop brands. We offer components diagnosis and replacement, plus hardware upgrades where necessary. We also offer computer memory upgrades if your computer is running slow. Also, a replacement SSD drive can add a lot of performance gain to your computer as well as giving a longer life span for your hard drive and your data.

At the heart of our St Albans Computer Service is the support of Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes all variations of the operating system and we support all installation and repair aspects. Our service also include installation of all versions of Microsoft Windows such as; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server editions. St Albans PC Repair also support other operating systems such as: Linux OS, Mac OS and Chrome OS.

Our computer repair in St Albans can provide you with dual operating system installation and setup to allow the flexibility of running two different operating systems on the same computer or laptop. Other software support also include general software troubleshooting and installations of antivirus software, office, photo, video and games.

Need to upgrade you Microsoft Windows operating system!
St Albans Computer Repair engineers are Microsoft certified, and we can upgrade your existing version of Microsoft Windows without you losing you precious data. Our upgrade prices are very competitive, see the prices page for more details.

Is your home Wireless running slow?
We can secure and upgrade your wireless network. Don’t let passers-by or your neighbours access your home computers and use your internet connection. St Albans PC services can help you setup a secure wireless connection and prevent hackers from accessing your valuable data. We can also test your wireless speed and where necessary upgrade your connection for a faster link.

Is your desktop computer slow for running games?
Our Computer Support service at St Albans can assist you to improve your PC performance for gaming by installing a better power supply and improved graphics card. If your current setup is not suitable for your gaming needs we can help you install additional components to improve speed and compatibility.

Microsoft Office and Outlook Email setup and repair.
St Albans Computer Services can assist you in the setup and repair of your email software. If you are experiencing problem with Microsoft Outlook we can repair it and backup your emails. Your contacts and calendars can also be backed up and restored as required. We can also setup new email accounts and synchronise your data with your PC or laptop.

Apple Mac computers and laptops service and support.
St Albans Mac Repairs provide support to your Apple Mac computers including; Apple iMac service, iMac pro repairs, MacBook repair, MacBook pro repairs and MacBook Air service. We offer Apple Mac repairs near you and can assist you by providing upgrades for your MacBook or iMac device to improve performance. We can also install Apple Mac OS X operating system upgrades or downgrades of the following versions of OS X: 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15.

If your Mac machine having problems and not starting up or not booting we can fix it by performing reset or recovery for your Apple PC. Data backup and recovery restore also possible if required using Time Machine or a backup utility. If you have a hardware problem we can offer diagnosis and provide a repair service.

Buy low-cost refurbished computers and laptops from us.
Why buy new PC or new laptop when you can save money and buy a refurbished computer or a refurbished laptop. St Albans Refurbished Computers also accept part exchange trade-in of your old used computer or used laptop, even if it is not working. This should reduce the cost of your purchase and you can make further saving. All refurbished laptops and PC are guaranteed for six months and include free home delivery and installation. St Albans Refurbished Laptops also offer fully tested and serviced used laptops. The sale of refurbished secondhand systems include free home delivery and installation and only available to selected areas.

Are you searching for local computer repair near me?
St Albans PC Repairs is based on home calls and offer a very competitive service with affordable low-cost prices starting from £50 inc. We are your local computer repair centre near you service extends to many postcode areas and include locations within smaller towns and villages. Our services are provided by home visits and include no callout charge, and no fix no fee. You can book a callout service via our website and we aim to respond to you promptly.

Looking for a cheap local computer repair near you without compromise on quality?
Are you searching for pc repair near me! St Albans PC Repair is based on home calls and offer a very competitive service with affordable low-cost prices starting from £50. We offer pc repair near you and our service extends to many postcode areas and include locations within smaller towns and villages. Our services are provided by home visits and include no callout charge. You can book a callout service via our website and we aim to respond to you promptly.

If you suspect that your computer may have a virus!
We can scan your computer for virus infections and spyware. Spyware are common variants of computer viruses and can be a nuisance. They simply hijack your browser by displaying adverts and slow your computer. You may also receive a ransomware message locking your screen and demanding payment to unlock your PC. We can assist you by cleaning your computer fully or re-installing your system. Many users ignore the importance of installing a good antivirus program and compromise the security of their PC. Our computer support can scan your PC for viruses and for a small additional fee we can install a reputable antivirus program.

If you have a small business our computer repair service can provide you with IT support, installation and setup of Windows Server operating system. We also offer email, storage and website setup service. There is no callout charge for our service and we guarantee to successfully repair your computer equipment or there will be no charge to pay.

Laptop Repairs:

St Albans Laptop Repair is part of our services for the St Albans area. Your laptop will benefit from our extensive services and from health checks, repairs and upgrades. As well as our standard computer repair service, we offer laptop repairs and servicing by home visits within our coverage postcode areas and locations. This service includes; broken screen replacement, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, laptop keyboard repair, MacBook repairs, Chromebook service, Linux laptop repair, touchpad repair and Microsoft Windows install and repair.

We can perform a full system scan as part of health check service to ensure that your laptop is secure. Your important files can be saved with our data backup and recovery service. St Albans Laptop Support service recommends making regular backup for your important data.

Broken laptop LCD Screen!
Our IT service can repair broken, cracked and damaged laptop display screens. Please provide your laptop model number when you request a service online so that we can provide you with accurate repair cost quotation.

Our laptop repair in St Albans also offers upgrade service to enhance performance. Our upgrade service includes, memory upgrade, wireless-upgrade and upgrade of hard drives. Upgrade service will improve performance of your laptop and save you money on buying a replacement laptop.

Is your laptop running slow?
St Albans Laptop Repairs can improve your laptop speed and performance by using our upgrade service. We perform a full hardware diagnosis of your laptop and advice you accordingly.

Is your laptop running hot and/or has a loud fan?
If your laptop is running very hot and the cooling fan is loud, then this is a sign that there is a built-up internal dust that is blocking the heat vents. St Albans Laptop Repair will rectify this problem for you by cleaning the internal parts of your laptop to restore its quiet and cool operation. This is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your laptop.

Need to connect your laptop to your TV without wires!
St Albans Laptop Repair can setup your laptop to connect to your TV, and project laptop screen onto your TV wirelessly. This is a very convenient way of displaying your favourite videos, pictures or even browsing the internet on a large TV screen.

Is your Laptop wireless connection fast and secure?
If your laptop is losing wireless connection, or your internet browsing is slow, St Albans Laptop Repair can install a faster wireless link for your laptop. This will improve your internet browsing experience.

You don’t need a computer shop, we come to you!
If you need a local laptop service near you, Harrow Laptop Repair will come to you and save you all the hassles. We offer local laptop repair near you and come to you when you need us. You can book online appointment for your next home call service and we aim to provide same day service to fix your laptop.