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    Services Summary:
    PC/Laptop repairs.
    Apple Mac Repairs.
    Home Call Service
    Gaming Computers Upgrade.
    Custom Computers Build.
    Refurbished Computers Sale.
    Tel: 0203-6337475
    Mobile/Text: 07958-228888
    ■ Qualified Engineers
    ■ Business Support
    ■ Laptop Screen Repairs
    ■ Laptop Hinges Repairs
    ■ Laptop Keyboard Repairs
    ■ Gaming Computers Repairs
    ■ PC Boot Problems Fix
    ■ Microsoft Windows 10/11 Support
    ■ Email Problems Resolved
    ■ Open 7 days a week

    Why Choose Us:
    Book online appointments for a faster response.
    Accurate price quotations no need to pay by the hour and no additional charges.
    Price list available online, unlike many of our competitors.
    Free loan of a laptop/PC while your computer is being repaired, subject to availability.
    Text messaging updates for you appointment and repair progress.
    Easy cancellation by text messaging.
    Data privacy, your data is safe and secure with us, Ethical approach to security.
    Certified and experienced engineers, with many years experience in hardware and software repairs.
    Family run business with consistent approach to a satisfactory customer service.

    provides computer and laptop repair services by home calls and on-site business support. We also sell refurbished computers and refurbished laptops including delivery and setup.

    A family run business with a friendly and ethical approach Which is guaranteed to gain your approval. We have a full range of PC services to suit your needs. For a faster response please request a service through our website and we will call you back to confirm price and appointment.

    We provide our services to a wide coverage area including Potters Bar. Computer Repair services are provided by home calls in Potters Bar. Laptop Repairs is also available and can be requested online via our website. Potters Bar is located in the Hertfordshire county on the outskirt of Greater London, allocated the postcode EN6 and has a population of approximately 23000. Our services provision extends to all areas within Potters Bar and nearby surroundings and post codes.

    PC Repair Potters Bar:

    Wide Range of Computer Services.

    ■ Computer Repairs Potters Bar area offers a wide range of services and supporting the following devices; PC repairs, laptop repair, Apple Mac servicing, Linux PC repairs, custom computers servicing, games PCs, and All in One computer repair (AIO), printers repair and peripherals setup.
    ■ Additional services includes; PC health check, hardware upgrade, hardware fault diagnosis, spyware and virus removal, data backup, data recovery, Microsoft Windows installation repair and upgrade.

    Hardware and Software Support.

    ■ Our Computer Services in Potters Bar supports both hardware and software repairs and installations for both laptops and desktop PC computers.
    ■ Computer Repair Potters Bar supports all major brands including; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer, Sony, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark and many other brands.
    ■ Our PC Repair Potters in Bar offers hardware diagnosis, components replacement, printers servicing and computer upgrades where necessary.

    Microsoft Windows Support.

    ■ Computer Services Potters Bars provide services for all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system such as; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server editions.
    ■ PC Repairs Potters Bar can provide dual operating system installation and setup.
    ■ Other software support also include general software troubleshooting and installations of antivirus software, office, photo, video and games troubleshooting.

    pc repair and upgrade service
    Operating system upgrade service.

    ■ Our engineers are Microsoft certified so we can upgrade your existing version of Microsoft Windows without losing your precious data. Upgrade prices are very competitive, see the prices page for more details.

    We support Microsoft Windows 11

    ■ Fresh install Microsoft Windows 11 in your computer.
    ■ Windows 11 upgrade service if you wish to keep your existing data.
    ■ If your computer is old we can still install Windows 11 without applying the system requirements.
    ■ Windows 11 repair service is also available if you already have Windows 11 installed.

    Printer Repair Service.

    ■ Printer Repair service in Potters Bar covers all major printers brands including; Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and many others.
    ■ We provide routine printer repairs to inkjet printers, laser printers and all-in-one multi-function printers.
    ■ Printer Services also offer printer sharing via networking setup so you can share a single printer amongst several computers.

    Faster wireless connections for your devices.

    ■ Upgrade your old device to run a wireless connection at much faster rate.
    ■ Our IT Services of Potters Bar can test your wireless speed and where necessary upgrade your connection for a faster link by adding small USB adapters.
    ■  Your wireless connection speed can be significantly enhanced by installing the latest wireless adapters, Wi-Fi 6, wireless AX and Wireless AC.
    ■ Setup a secure wireless connection and prevent hackers from accessing your valuable data.

    Do you play games on your computer?

    ■ Computer Service in Potters Bar supports custom-built computers and gaming PCs.
    ■ Major brands support; PCspecialist, Alienware, Overclockers and many others.
    ■ Overheating problems fixed: GPU repair or component replacement.
    ■ We offer hardware diagnosis to identify faulty components.

    computer repair service near youCheap local computer repair near you?

    ■ Are you searching for computer repair near me! or laptop repair near me!
    ■ PC Repairs in the Potters Bar are is provided by onsite home visits callouts.
    ■ Home call service can be arranged online via our website, we aim to respond promptly.
    ■ Home Callout service can also be arranged by phone or text message.
    ■ Onsite IT Support for your business with competitive, affordable low-cost prices.
    ■ Local PC repair near you and many postcode areas near Potters Bar.

    Email setup and repair.

    ■ Computer Services in Potters Bar provides support for email software.
    ■ Microsoft Outlook or other email clients problems are  such as Thunderbird are fixed.
    ■ Email repair, backup and restore including your contacts and calendars.
    ■ Webmail accounts setup such as Google mail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and may others.
    ■ Synchronise your emails and data with the cloud such as OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox.

    Apple Mac computers support.

    ■ Mac computer repairs in Potters Bar supports; Apple iMac, iMac pro, MacBook, MacBook pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air.
    ■ Apple Mac service is offered by home call basis near your location.
    ■ Apple hardware upgrade service for MacBook laptops and iMac desktop computers.
    ■ Install Apple Mac OS X operating system upgrades to all versions 10, 11,12.
    ■ If your Mac computer or MacBook laptop is not starting up or not booting we can perform reset or recovery for your Apple PC.
    ■ iMac service also provides Data backup and recovery for your Apple Mac device to restore lost data by using Time Machine or a backup utility.

    Remote access your files or office.

    ■If you work from home we can setup your computer to connect to your business place.
    ■ We can assist you to access your home computers from a remote location.
    ■ If you are away from home we can setup your device to remotely access your home computers to download documents.

    Sale of refurbished computers and laptops.

    ■ We sell Refurbished Computers and Laptops in Potters Bar.
    ■ All of our secondhand computers are guaranteed and have affordable prices.
    ■ We deliver and setup the computers in your home or business in the Potters Bar area.
    ■ The sale of refurbished secondhand computers is only available to selected areas.

    Small business support.

    ■Our Business IT Services in Potters Bar can provide you with IT support, installation and setup of Windows Server operating system.
    ■ Business IT Support also offer email, storage and website setup service.
    ■ Book onsite visit by using our website or via phone/text messaging.

    Local Computer Repair Services near you.

    ■ Local computer services near you when you need it.
    ■ We will arrange a home call service for you at a convenient time.
    ■ You can book a home visit callout in Potters Bar via our website by using our website.
    ■ We aim to arrange a same day home visit service where possible, to fix your laptop or PC.

    Laptop Repair Potters Bar:

    ■ Laptop Support in Potters Bar is part of our services in the Hertfordshire area.
    ■ We repair different types of laptops: Notebook repairs, Netbook maintenance, Linux laptop repairs, Google ChromeBook repair, Microsoft Surface repair, custom laptops service.
    ■ Extensive range of repair services: Liquid damaged laptops, laptop broken hinges replacement, laptop screen repairs, laptop upgrades, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, laptop keyboard repair or replacement, touchpad repair and Microsoft Windows install and repair.

    Health check Service.

    ■ Our IT Support offers health check service which includes full system scan to ensure that your laptop is secure.
    ■ Your important files can be saved with our data backup and recovery service.
    ■ Laptop Support services recommends making regular backup for your important data.
    ■ The health check service will fix slow running laptops and identify the required updates and possible problem software to improve you laptop performance.

    Laptop upgrade service.

    ■ Laptop Repairs of Potters Bar offers upgrade service to enhance performance of your laptop.
    ■ Upgrades include: Memory upgrade, wireless upgrade, SSD hard drive upgrade, CPU upgrade.
    ■ When you upgrade your laptop you can save money on buying a new laptop.

    laptop repair near you

    Broken laptop LCD Screen!

    ■ Laptop Services fix damaged screens, broken LCD, cracked laptop displays.
    ■ We maintain all types of screens; Laptop LCD screens, Laptop Led screens, Laptop Touchscreens.
    ■ If you have a touchscreen laptop we can replace the touch screen/digitiser part.
    ■ Please provide your laptop model number when you request a service online so that we can provide you with accurate repair cost quotation.

    Broken laptop hinges repair.

    ■ If you have dropped your laptop and damaged the screen support hinges we can repair or install a replacement part.
    ■ Please provide your laptop model number and provide a service request through our website.

    Notifications by text messages!

    ■ We use text messaging to confirm your appointment, or update your repair progress.
    ■ You can contact us by text messaging to request repairs.
    ■ Appointment can even be cancelled by messaging.

    Is your laptop running hot and/or has a loud fan?

    ■ Overheating is a common problem in laptops, we can help.
    ■ We can clean GPU and CPU from dust buildup and apply new thermal paste.
    ■ Full internal cleaning of your PC or laptop can restore its quiet and cool operation.

    Data Backup to the cloud.

    ■ data backup using an online service is becoming more popular. It provides another secure option for storing your data.
    ■ We can setup online data backup sync service for; Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others.
    ■ If you have a NAS drive we can also sync your device with an online backup service.

    Local Laptop Repair Services, we come to you!

    ■ Local laptop repair service by callouts near you in Potters Bar.
    ■ We will come to you and save you all the hassles.
    ■ Book your appointment via our website.
    ■ Repair your laptop by home visits. We aim to provide same day service.