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    Services Summary:
    PC/Laptop repairs.
    Apple Mac Repairs.
    Home Call Service.
    Free Courtesy PC/Laptop
    Excellent Customer Feedback
    Gaming Computers Upgrade.
    Custom Computers Build.
    Refurbished Computers Sale.

    ■ Qualified Engineers
    ■ Business Support
    ■ Laptop Screen Repairs
    ■ Laptop Hinges Repairs
    ■ Laptop Keyboard Repairs
    ■ Gaming Computers Repairs
    ■ PC Boot Problems Fix
    ■ Microsoft Windows 10/11 Support
    ■ Email Problems Resolved
    ■ Notifications by text messages
    ■ Excellent Customer Reviews
    ■ Open 7 days a week

    Why Choose Us:
    Book online appointments for a faster response.
    Accurate price quotations no need to pay by the hour and no additional charges.
    Price list available online, unlike many of our competitors.
    Free loan of a laptop/PC while your computer is being repaired, subject to availability.
    Text messaging updates for you appointment and repair progress.
    Easy cancellation by text messaging.
    Discretionary discount if you cannot afford to pay the full price, or pay later.
    Data privacy, your data is safe and secure with us, Ethical approach to security.
    Certified and experienced engineers, with many years experience in hardware and software repairs.
    Family run business with consistent approach to a satisfactory customer service.

    PCrepair2000 offer its services to a wide coverage area and Computer Repair Cookham is part of our services for the Cookham area. A family run business with a friendly approach is guaranteed to gain your approval. Please give us a try today and benefit from our honest approach to customer service.

    Cookham town is situated in the county of Berkshire and allocated the post code SL6. Located about 3 miles from Maidenhead and has a population of approximately 6000, Cookham regarded as Britain’s second richest village.

    We are proud to provide our computer repair service in Cookham covering the postcode SL6 and surrounding areas.  PC repair and laptop service provision extends to all towns and villages within the Cookham area including; Marlow, Bourne End, Taplow, Wolley Green, Burchett’s Green, Stud Green, Little Marlow, Well End, Clayhill, Bisham, Frogmill, Hurley, Medmenham  and surrounding areas.

    PC Repair Cookham:

    All types of computers are supported.
    We offer a wide range of computer repair services in Cookham SL6 including; Linux PC repair, Apple Mac repair, laptop repair, All-in-One computers service (AIO), custom computers support, games PCs repair, Apple iMac service, PC health check, computer upgrade, laptop upgrade, spyware and virus removal, data backup, data recovery, printers and peripherals setup. Computer Repair Cookham offers support for both hardware and software and offers installation for both laptops and desktop PC computers.

    Hardware Repair and Upgrades.
    On the Hardware side, Computer Repair Cookham maintains all major brands including; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer, Sony, MSi, Asus, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark and many other known PC, printer and laptop brands. We offer components diagnosis and replacement, plus upgrades where necessary.

    At the heart of our Computer Services in Cookham is the support of Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes all variations of the operating system and we support all installation and repair aspects. Our service also include installation of all versions of Microsoft Windows such as; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server editions. We also provide dual operating system installation and setup if required. We also support other operating systems such as; Mac OS, Linux OS and Chrome OS.

    We support Microsoft Windows 11
    ■ Fresh install or upgrade Microsoft Windows 11 in your laptop or PC.
    ■ If your computer is old we can still install Windows 11 by bypassing the system requirements.
    ■ Windows 11 repair service is also available.

    Do you have important data that you need to secure or recover encrypted data?
    If you have important data and you want top secure, we can setup encryption for your data. This will safeguard your data against loss or theft as access will be blocked. We can also recover data from encrypted drives when you are unable to boot your system.


    pc repair and upgrade service
    Upgrade you Microsoft Windows operating system!
    We can upgrade your existing version of Microsoft Windows without you losing you precious data. Our hardware upgrade prices are very competitive, see the prices page for more details.

    Printer Repair Service.
    Cookham Printer Repair service covers all major printers brands including; HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and many others. We provide routine services to inkjet printers and laser printers and component replacements. Cookham Printer Service can setup printer sharing in your wireless or wired network.

    Backup your data and synchronise with the cloud.
    We can assist you in securing your data and backup sync with the cloud. If you have an account with online backup service such as Onedrive, Google drive or Dropbox we can setup your computers to backup your data to the cloud. If you have a NAS backup drive we can set it up to sync with cloud too. This process is necessary to safeguard your files against data loss.

    Microsoft Office and Outlook Email setup and repair.
    Computer Service Cookham can assist you in the setup and repair of your email software. If you are experiencing problem with Microsoft Outlook we can repair it and backup your emails. Your contacts and calendars can also be backed up and restored as required. We can also setup new email accounts and synchronise your data with your PC or laptop.

    Data Backup to the cloud.
    Data backup using an online service is becoming more popular. It provides another secure option for storing your data.

    Is your desktop computer slow for running games?
    Computer Repairs Cookham supports custom computers and gaming PCs. We support major brands like PCspecialist, Alienware, MSI and many others. If your computer is running slow it may benefit from our memory upgrade service. Also a replacement SSD drive can add a lot of performance gain to your computer.

    Gaming Computers Repairs and Upgrades.
    We repair gaming computers and can assist you to improve your PC performance for gaming by installing a better power supply and improved graphics card. If you are experiencing overheating problems or GPU graphics problems during gaming we can help you rectify these problems and install additional components to improve speed and compatibility.

    computer repair service near youLooking for a cheap local computer repair near you without compromise on quality?
    Are you searching for computer repair near me! Computer Repair Cookham is based on home calls and offer a very competitive service with affordable low-cost prices. We offer local pc repair near you and our repair service extends to many postcode areas near Cookham and include locations within smaller towns and villages. Our pc services are provided by home visits and you can book a callout service via our website and we aim to respond to you promptly.

    Apple Mac computers and laptops service and support.

    Cookham Mac repairs provide support to your Apple Mac computers including; Apple iMac, iMac pro, MacBook, MacBook pro and MacBook Air. Cookham Apple Mac service is offered by home call basis near your location. We also offer hardware repairs and upgrades for your MacBook laptop or iMac desktop computer.

    Cookham MacBook repairs can also install Apple Mac OS X operating system upgrades or downgrades of the following versions of MacOS: Leopard 10.5, Snow Leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8, Mavericks 10.9, Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14 and Catalina 10.15. Newer versions 11 and 12 of MacOS also supported.

    If your Mac computer or MacBook laptop is not starting up or not booting we can perform reset or recovery for your Apple PC. Cookham iMac service also provides Data backup and recovery for your Apple Mac device to restore lost data by using Time Machine or a backup utility. If your data has been deleted we can perform recovery service to restore lost data.

    Buy low-cost refurbished computers and laptops from us.
    Why buy new PC or new laptop when you can save money and buy a refurbished computer or a refurbished laptop. Refurbished Computers Cookham also accept part exchange trade-in of your old used computer or used laptop, even if it is not working. This should reduce the cost of your purchase and you can make further saving. All refurbished laptops and PC are guaranteed and include home delivery and installation. Refurbished Laptops Cookham also offer fully tested and serviced used laptops. The sale of refurbished secondhand systems include home delivery and installation and only available to selected areas.

    If you have a small business our computer repair service can provide you with IT support, installation and setup of Windows Server operating system, please see our Business IT Support section. Cookham Business IT Service offers  SEO and website setup service.

    Laptop Repair Cookham:

    Laptop Service Cookham offers laptop repairs and servicing by home visits within our coverage postcode areas and locations in Cookham. This service includes; laptop cracked screen replacement, broken hinges replacement, Linux laptop repair, Google ChromeBook support, Apple Macbook repair, liquid damage repair, Microsoft Surface service, custom laptops repair, gaming laptops support, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, laptop keyboard repair, touchpad repair and Microsoft Windows install and repair.

    We repair and replace faulty motherboards for your laptop.
    If your laptop is not powering up, or there is no display on the LCD screen, you may need a motherboard replacement. The motherboard is the main part in the laptop as it controls all the operations and provide all the external connections.

    Is your laptop Keyboard not working?
    A common fault with many laptops is some keys of the keyboard are not registering any output on the screen. This can be very frustrating as many users have to resort to using external keyboard or on-screen keyboard to get around this issue. Laptop Services Cookham can arrange a replacement keyboard that fits your laptop model. Please make a request online providing the exact model number for your laptop so that we can order the correct part for you.

    laptop repair near youWe fix Slow running laptop.
    Laptop Repairs Cookham can improve your laptop speed and performance by using our upgrade service. We perform a full hardware diagnosis of your laptop and advice you accordingly. A cost effective way is to upgrade your laptop memory or hard drive, and there is no need to buy a new laptop.

    Broken laptop LCD Screen!
    We repair broken or damaged laptop display screens. Please provide your laptop model number when you request a service online so that we can provide you with accurate repair cost quotation.

    Overheating Laptops Fix.
    Overheating is usually caused by built-up of internal dust that is blocking the heat vents. Laptop Repair Cookham will rectify this problem for you by cleaning the internal parts of your laptop to restore its quiet and cool operation. This fix will prolong the life of your laptop and prevent premature failure.

    We offer repair for broken laptop hinges!
    Our Laptop Services in Cookham can assist you if you are looking to repair a broken hinges for your laptop. If hinges are too soft and cannot support the screen rotation we can repair it too.

    Is your Laptop wireless connection fast and secure?
    If your laptop is losing wireless connection, or your internet browsing is slow, Cookham Laptop Support service can install a faster wireless link for your laptop. This will improve your internet browsing experience. New Wi-Fi 6 standards can be installed to speed up your connection speeds. Also, if you have a large house we can install wireless extenders to provide better wireless signal coverage.

    You don’t need a computer shop, we come to you!
    If you are searching for laptop repair near me, we offer local laptop service near you in Cookham SL6. Laptop Repair Cookham will come to you and save you all the hassles. We offer local laptop repair near you and you can book online appointment for your next home call service and we aim to provide same day service to fix your laptop or PC.

    Health check Service.
    ■ Our IT Support offers health check service which includes full system scan to ensure that your laptop is secure.
    ■ Your important files can be saved with our data backup and recovery service.
    ■ Laptop Support services recommends making regular backup for your important data.
    ■ The health check service will fix slow running laptops and identify the required updates and possible problem software to improve you laptop performance.